“It seems that God’s work shines brightest in emptiness…”  Karen Brown

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“Empty” is a guest post from Karen Brown.  It originally appeared on her Blog Stooping for Manna”.  

I hope its truth touches you as much as it touched me…

Empty was the space in darkness.
Not a light, ocean, nor wood.
With just a word He made it all happen,
Declaring with joy that it was good.

Empty were the promises whispered
By a serpent in a tree.
Man and Woman fell from glory;
But God had plans for death’s defeat.

Empty was the world from flooding
With Noah’s family safe from harm.
Floating ‘neath a rainbow of promise,
Mercy saved them from the storm.

Empty was the womb of Sarah
When Abraham embraced the hope.
That God would make his people many,
And give them land to call their own.

Empty were the offerings of law:
Burnt and poured to save our soul.
Which lamb or grain can atone for sin?
Not one was found to fill the role.

Empty was the throne of a nation.
A king they needed, or so it seemed.
So God brought David to foreshadow
The One who is the King of Kings.

Empty was the wedding ring finger
Of a girl in youthful bloom.
Mary gave her body and status
To bring her Saviour through her womb.

Empty were jars at a wedding:
A feast nearly ended in shame.
Water changed to wine a-plenty;
His Glory could not be contained.

Empty was a flask of perfume:
Precious treasure, broken and spent.
He said it was a perfect picture
Of a heart that’s humble, soft, and bent.

Empty was the cross that hung him
And raised death’s arm in victory.
The women wrapped His lifeless body
And traded hope for misery.

Empty was the tomb that morning
At the rolling of the stone.
Now, O death, who is the victor?
He is the Lamb who can atone!

Empty are my hands before Him;
Nothing worthy can I give.
My only hope lies in that Lamb
Who emptied Himself so I could live.

~Karen Brown

empty hands

Karen says: I am a teacher who always needs a creative outlet and writing has recently provided that for me.  Nestled in the St. Louis suburbs with four amazing kids and a very patient husband, I can be found hiking, swimming, reading, and mostly, hanging out with my family.

To me, the main purpose of my life is to respond to the profound Grace and Truth found in the gospel so that others my know Him.

My blog is a collection of writings that mainly serve as “altars” of my journey with Christ. Each piece was written after a time when I felt God, through His Spirit, revealed something to me about Himself, myself, or the world.

(Note: This post from Karen Brown first appeared in April of 2014)

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  1. So much truth in your poem. It is awesome to have the faith to know that miracles happen around us on a daily basis, it is only a matter of being empty if you will to receive them.

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